Social Media Integration

Experiential marketing isn’t just about the event. It’s about your brand’s ability to leverage the event as a catalyst for generating leads and extending your reach among targeted consumer audiences.

At eshots, we specialize in radically multiplying the impact of your experiential marketing efforts through social media integration – features that maximize the viral potential of the messages and consumer experiences that drive your most important marketing moments. Our comprehensive experiential marketing software platform includes built-in social media event software. Supported by easy-to-use tools that allow consumers to share their experiences on Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, and other social media sites, eshots' Social Media Integration can improve your reach by 30 percent or more.

Everything we do online is being integrated and intermeshed into a unified platform that can drive traffic, generate leads and patients, and encourage high-value brand interactions. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the term that was coined by RohitBhargava and has since been taking on a life of its own. Many medical practices have been interested in how social networks or social media websites can help their practice gain notoriety. Glacial Multimedia Inc. takes a custom approach to Social Media Optimization for our practices

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