Sales Channel Management(SCM)

The position will require the development and implementation of sales channel management plans for individual clients within the banking, financial service, FMCG, consumer product, information technology, internet, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, leisure, travel, pharmaceutical and public sector industries who are established either within the USA, Europe or other emerging markets, but have a requirement to develop business in the USA. The successful candidates will be responsible for facilitating professional internal teams of sales channel management employees who will be allocated by each individual client company and should have experience in market research, product and corporate brand management, sales and marketing, contact management, strategic alliance management, event management, image management, public relations, product diversification and sponsorship.

The successful candidate will have either a business or sales and marketing-related degree and preferably sales channel-related professional or consulting qualifications. They will also have experience either as a sales channel management consultant or as a successful sales channel manager. Our client is looking for specific service skills and experience here which relate to one of the core competences which are referred to above. They are also looking for an industry and geographical specialist rather than generalist. The candidates should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

This is a core vacancy and as such our client will have a very specific picture of the ideal candidate they are looking for. Consequently if you are in any way unsure about your suitability for this role but you are still interested then by all means feel free to apply. All applications should be forwarded for the attention of Jenny Owen (Recruitment Director). Applications via email only please and please remember to enclose your full resume.

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