School Management Solution

If you want a robust admission management system for your education facility, but want something that has other features too, check out what we offer at Tech Solution. We have Enterprise and Professional versions that feature capabilities specifically designed for the education realm. Use one as a college automation software solution, or depend on an interface to embrace an online attendance management system that can handle the needs of a rapidly growing educational facility for younger students.

Our products demonstrate what’s possible from specialized school ERP software. If your facility is located somewhere in India like Gujarat, Rajkot, or Ahmedabad, we’re ready to help you. However, we also have clients in other areas, so feel free to get in touch wherever you are. Regardless of whether you work in one or several schools, automation software could make your life easier. .

Teachers, parents, and educational authorities can access our online attendance management system, so it’s great if you’re looking for an all-encompassing solution. Students can also login to electronically mark that they’ve attended classes, meaning web-based school administration software might eventually eliminate the need to use physical roll sheets.

Our user-friendly student information management system also allows you to keep information like home addresses, grades, and course enrollment data all in one place. Because there are so many school data management software features to rely upon, our schools automation software is used by institutions that teach young children, but also functions well as college automation software, too.

In order to fully evaluate the available school data management software features, we offer a handy school data management software demo. The temporary access credentials we provide let you check out the school data management software features for certain types of users, such as administrators or teachers.

Let us answer your admission management system questions by demonstrating what our technology can do. Facilities in India based in places like Ahmedabad, Guajarat, and Rajkot depend on our school ERP software, as do establishments in other countries. Contact us now.

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