E-commerce website Development

Running an successful e-commerce website is not an easy job in this competitive business world , In a couple of seconds visitor made his mind whether he will stay in the website or not. We have number of business ideas according to the nature of business that what is the strategy you need to follow to increase the visitor and given them complete information about your product, so visitors feel very comfort while purchasing products from your website.

The Object of the ecommerce website is to have an online line store to sale the products. This store should have capability to sale there products itself without any manual help..It should be search engine friendly and easy to navigate so visitor can find the products easily which they are looking in online store.

The e-commerce developed by Web Care Media would have the following features ad functionalities:
  • A dynamic site with an admin panel through which you can update Products and their prices and other specifications.
  • Add unlimited number of Main categories / sub categories.
  • Enter unlimited number of products with Thumbnails and view enlarges option.
  • Search option for visitor (Or browsing products)
  • Member registration
  • My folder of Member
  • Shopping cart with Very simple check out process
  • Add to Cart, Add to wish list, add to favourite and Buy now, refer to friend options for every product.
  • Add, edit and remove items from your cart - Users have full control over what is in their cart.
  • Separate contact and shipping information, allowing delivery at a different point to the purchaser. If user contact and shipping details are the same, one click fills in all the shipping details.
  • Online Payment by credit cards PayPal etc.. (Payment gateway integration)
  • Order management and invoice generation
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